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Condominium Inspection

A condominium inspection is very similar to a home inspection. All systems and components are inspected and tested. The windows, doors, walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as fireplaces are inspected. Kitchen appliances and bathroom components are tested, and a carbon monoxide and termite inspection are conducted. The garage is inspected and overhead doors, openers and safety stops are tested. Very often, condominiums have inaccessible common areas, such as basements and attics, though we try our best to gain access to these.

Important components included in a condominium inspection are the presence and condition of fire break walls and make up fresh air for combustion appliances.

A condominium inspection includes the same type of customized narrative report.
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Gallagher & Son, Inc. consistently performs market analysis to ensure our pricing strucutre remains competetive within the local market. We pride ourselves on the quality and value of the services described above. Call us today to learn more!