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New Construction Home Inspection

A newly constructed home should always be professionally inspected. Although the building has been inspected by the local Building Official during specific stages of the construction process, the Official is not working for you! There is no question that local Building Officials are overburdened and simply cannot afford the time it takes to provide a professional building inspection. They certainly do not spend time teaching you how to use or maintain some of the new, state of the art components found in new homes.

Considering the investment you are making in this new home, the price of a professional home inspection is negligible.

Our inspections on newly constructed homes are the same as any other purchase inspection. All systems and components are tested and inspected. It is not unusual in new home construction, that one contractor has failed to communicate with another contractor during the installation of a component or system, and a deficiency is present.

The purchase of a brand new home is an exciting adventure. A professional inspector will look beneath the beautiful location, and the new paint and the pretty designs and delve into the nuts and bolts of the home.
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Gallagher & Son, Inc. consistently performs market analysis to ensure our pricing strucutre remains competetive within the local market. We pride ourselves on the quality and value of the services described above. Call us today to learn more!