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Pre-Sale Inspection

A pre-sale inspection is identical to the inspection provided in a purchase inspection. The inspection is thorough and professional. The report is printed and bound and an extra copy is provided for copies for prospective purchasers.

It is a responsible step for anyone preparing to sell their home to invest in a Pre-Sale Home inspection. Although a seller may think he or she knows the home very well, an inspector views the home from an entirely different perspective. A professional inspection provides a systematic and coordinated review of all systems and components of a home. Although a homeowner may be very familiar with his or her property, he or she is typically not capable of performing a termite inspection, or a radon test, or recognizing a potential water infiltration point.

There is nothing worse than putting your home on the market and accepting an offer, then bindering to purchase another home for yourself. In the meantime, the inspector representing your buyers discovers a myriad of problems with your home that were totally unexpected. These problems may cause your buyer to reconsider, causing both sides of the transaction to fail.

A Pre-Sale inspection can eliminate these surprises. A home seller can provide a copy of the inspection report to a potential buyer and explain that the noted defects have already been repaired, or the defects are reflected in the price of the home. A purchaser is much more comfortable making an offer on a home, when the sellers have been open and honest and there are no unexpected surprises about the home.

Sellers and their agents often have the misguided idea that if the home is inspected, then we’ll have to disclose the defects to potential buyers. The potential buyers will have an inspection of their own, and these defects will be uncovered anyway. Why wait till the last minute to deal with them?

I also offer the same services to responsible homeowners who simply desire an objective assessment of the condition of their homes. The inspection provides homeowners a plan to maintain, repair, or upgrade the investment in their home.

Pre-Sale Home inspections are provided at a discounted rate. Please call for further information.
For more information, contact us via email or by telephone at 203.259.3865
Pricing Information

Gallagher & Son, Inc. consistently performs market analysis to ensure our pricing strucutre remains competetive within the local market. We pride ourselves on the quality and value of the services described above. Call us today to learn more!