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Purchase Inspection

We encourage all of our clients to join us at the inspection. Not only does Mr. Gallagher inspect the home for defects, he also spends a great deal of time teaching the home purchaser about the home and how to use and maintain its systems.
We recognize that every home is different, and each customer has his or her own needs or expectations. For these reasons, rather than use a basic, easy to use checklist, as many other inspectors do, Mr. Gallagher dictates during every inspection. The tapes are transcribed into an individual, narrative report, which is exclusive to the property inspected. The report is easy to read and includes highlighted details on defects, as well as extensive information about the condition and life expectancies of systems and components.
The inspection includes all systems and components of the home, beginning with the exterior of the home. We inspect driveways, sidewalks, walkways, porches, patios, decks, the exterior siding, windows, doors, trim, gutters, and leaders. Mr. Gallagher pays special attention to the grading of the yard and drainage systems, as they are typically responsible for wet basements. He inspects the roof and chimneys from a ladder and will report on the age of the current roof, its life expectancy, and the number of courses of roofing shingles present. Garage framing, doors, automatic openers, safety stops, and wiring are inspected and tested.

The interior inspection includes a thorough inspection of foundation walls, the basement floor, first floor framing, and insulation. If sump pumps are present, they are tested. Walls and floors are inspected for evidence of moisture infiltration. The heating and cooling systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, and hot water delivery systems are thoroughly inspected and tested. The report includes descriptions of the systems, their ages, conditions, and life expectancies. Mr. Gallagher spends time teaching customers about water shut off valves, furnace filters, humidifiers, and energy conservation measures in the basement.

In the living area of the home, we inspect walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, and fireplaces. Kitchen appliances are tested, and plumbing fixtures at the kitchen and each bathroom are tested. We also test for proper wiring and operation at common and G.F.C.I. receptacles, use an electronic moisture meter to detect or verify leaks, and conduct a carbon monoxide test.

The attic is inspected for roof framing, insulation, ventilation, and moisture infiltration.

The home inspection also includes a termite inspection, which includes all wood destroying insects, and a continuous monitor airborne radon test.

For a typical, 2000 square foot home, the physical inspection takes approximately two hours. The written report is generally completed that same day and guaranteed within twenty-four hours. It can be e-mailed for speedy delivery.

As you can easily see, this professional inspection provides a very high level of expertise and investigation which has been developed over years of experience. There may be others who represent themselves as inspectors, and they may offer a lower fee, but it just doesn’t make sense to rely upon the instincts of an inexperienced or an unlicensed inspector to guide you in this enormous decision to purchase a home.
For more information, contact us via email or by telephone at 203.259.3865
Pricing Information

Gallagher & Son, Inc. consistently performs market analysis to ensure our pricing strucutre remains competetive within the local market. We pride ourselves on the quality and value of the services described above. Call us today to learn more!