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Gallagher & Son Home Inspections

"Ensuring a solid foundation for you and your family..."
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Jim Gallagher
President & Owner
Gallagher & Son, Inc. is a local, family owned company operated by Jim Gallagher, a retired Fairfield Police Officer and former home builder. Jim has been performing building inspections for over 10 years and has inspected more than 2,000 homes to date. His experieince runs from vintage estates more than two-hundred years old to modern contemporaties and commercial buildings. Every inspection is personally performed by Mr. Gallagher and is designed to exclusively serve your best interests. Our inspection process includes not only an in depth analysis of the home and property, but Jim also spends a great deal of time explaining how components operate and teaching his customers about the nuances of their new home.
Your report is a custom narrative written report, compiled in an easy to read format. While other inspection firms leverage automated forms and check-box style templates, at Gallagher & Son, Inc. we take a great deal of pride in ensuring you recieve a custom, one of a kind detailed report catered to the components and characteristics of your specific home. Written reports are completed within 24 hours of the inspection.
Qualifications & Background

Jim is a graduate of Fairfield University and holds a degree in Economics & Business Ethics. He is certified and licensed by the State of Connecticut as a Professional Home Inspector (#HOI243) and an Exterminator.

Jim routinely and actively participates in Continuing Education for both the field of Professional Home Inspections as well as building practices and environmental studies.

Industry Standards
Gallagher & Son, Inc. Home Inspections are performed in accordance with recognized home inspection standards and are fully compliant with State of Connecticut Home Inspection Licensing requirements. For further details & more information about our Code of Ethics Standards, see our Qualifications section.
Gallagher & Son, Inc.